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A zombie apocalypse has struck and you have been given only one chance to survive. You have been holed up in an undisclosed location for weeks, hoping the virus that has swept the globe is temporary. You must stay hidden until help arrives, or until the supply chain is restored, or until we figure out how to kill these things once and for all. With no guarantee that any help will come, you decide to stock up on supplies and prepare for the day when society returns to normal. But when hope fades and supply runs low, you must leave your hiding place to search for new food sources or repair supplies that may be deteriorating from this bug called life. But be careful: what you can’t see might still lurking. 

FREE THE YORGIANS! In this action-packed io game, you control a group of campers that must survive in the forests and caves of a mysterious island. Are you able to stay alive and discover all the secrets of this island? - A multitude of dangerous wild animals are out to get you, but luckily there’s a skilled team of campers on hand to help protect you. The greatest threat, however, comes from the island’s evil inhabitants. If you can’t keep them locked up then they’ll keep coming back until they manage to escape once and for all… - Fight off the zombies with your trusty weapon! Upgrade it so that you are the most powerful warrior on the island!

In Yorgio you play as a cowboy who had left his peaceful home for the dangerous western world. In order to survive in this new and savage place, you must learn how to build a ranch, train horses and cattle, craft various tools and weapons, hunt game for food, fend off dangerous hostile Indians, bandits, and even more terrifying zombies! There are several ways to tackle each situation. Will you be the predator or the prey? If you like survival games, zombie apocalypse games, or want to test your skills in building a base then this game is perfect! 

Android gaming is something that has been around for quite some time now. Android gaming has evolved a lot since its early days. Today, we have various gaming apps on the Play Store that target different kinds of users from casual gamers to hardcore enthusiasts with specific tastes. If you are new to gaming on Android or need an easy way to find games to play, this article is for you! 

Whenever people think about a video game, they usually think of something with graphics and sounds. However, there are also games that do not have any of these things. There are games that have only gameplay and challenges. There is one such game called Yorgio which will challenge your gaming skills both in single-player mode and multiplayer.

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Using Mouse

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