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War Brokers is a new FPS game developed by Drop Tank Games. It has recently been released and it already has millions of players. You are an anonymous soldier who was recruited to participate in a special operation called war brokers. This game is a military strategy and simulation hybrid with economic elements that simulate the effects of the arms trade on real-world markets. It is also one of the most innovative shooters ever made. The creators of this game have combined several different genres into one single experience, so you will get a lot of fun from your gaming session with War Brokers. The storyline in this game revolves around war, conflict, and battles between countries as well as organizations and individuals. As we progress through the levels we can see how every action takes us closer to discovering what exactly lies behind these operations and wars. 

In this game, you will be playing the role of a broker. Your main job is to scout out potential clients and negotiate deals with them before they find someone cheaper. You will also have to check if they are good customers and that they will pay you on time. Game description: In this war game, you play the role of a broker who has to check if potential buyers are trustworthy and if they have enough money to make a good deal for both of you. 

In a futuristic world, where the demand for weapons is increasing rapidly and no one is able to control the broking operations. A group of Brokers is taking advantage of this and are operating in secret. They are located all over the world with their main base in America. To combat these Brokers, you will have to put your skills as a mercenary to test against them. So buckle up, get ready for some intense gun fights and epic car chases across war-torn cities and abandoned wastelands.Modern wars are fought not only by soldiers but also by financial traders. Today the markets are used as a tool for making quick profits. Hence, in order to win in war, one must have financial intelligence which is an amalgamation of various skills and knowledge. 

War Brokers is a first-person shooter video game developed by R6 Games and published by Gambitious Digital Entertainment. The game was released for Microsoft Windows on June 22, 2018.

How to play War Brokers (.io)

Controls WASD or arrow keys to move or drive Left-click to shoot R to reload Space bar to jump M to access menu Tab to open leaderboard

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