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Video Game Tycoon is an idle clicker business strategy gaming in which you are the founder and CEO of a game studio that creates PC/Mac, console, mobile, and other games. Your ultimate goal is to grow your company as much as possible in order to become the market leader in mobile gaming.

*Start your own video game studio. Create your own game firm by producing games, hiring staff, earning money, upgrading, and expanding your idle studio! Tapped, Tapped, Tapped! Plan your monetary investments and level up your studio with several story increases as you upgrade and grow. *Make fantastic games. *Build an empire from the ground up. Create a variety of games, personalize them, name them, and launch them!

You can even make changes to them! Create, pick, edit, and adjust your game icons with the icon customization tool, and design the ideal game icon for your games. Profit from one or two smart games to boost your economy and start your own video game development company. Create games for PCs, consoles, mobile devices, and more! Become the finest video game maker for PCs, consoles, and mobile devices. *Analytics on games and more You must check the ratings and reviews of your games created on PC / Computer, Console, and Mobile as a creator. Check your game's statistics, such as the number of installs and uninstalls, to become the top video game producer and industry leader.

Employees should be hired. To boost your money per click, hire and manage employees. Increase your idle money by automating your tap tap workflow. Hire employees, give them names, personalize them, and then hire them! Each employee has their own unique clicker tycoon effect. Read cool and funny messages from employees who are either thinking or talking to get a glimpse into their lives. * Maintain Operations While Generating Passive Income Even if you're not online, you can earn idle cash. As a game developer, you'll need to purchase PCs, consoles, laptops, and mobile phones to test your games, as well as access to the internet. Get whatever it takes to keep the company afloat and make passive revenue in the process.

*Make Your Office Unique As you level up, you'll be able to unlock fun things and accessories, as well as in-game cash bonuses. Everything from staff to office tables, PC / Computer desks, and all kinds of accessories that you obtain in the game may be rearranged and moved, making it very easy to personalize your own office the way you like! *Premium Choice When the game isn't moving as quickly as you'd like, you can utilize the prestige option to make the game simulation more fascinating by earning multiplier bonuses and working your way back to the top even faster than before!

How to play Video Game Tycoon

Tap - Tap or Tap and Hold to interact

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