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Awesome Dinosaur Game!! Imagine, you are a dinosaur. You have a long tail, sharp teeth, and claws on your hands and feet. Your home is somewhere in the jungle where there are many other dinosaurs. You must be excited to explore this unknown world and meet new friends. In this game, you can find many interesting types of dinosaurs. There are herbivores, carnivores, insectivores, and even pachycephalosaurs. You can choose any type of dinosaur to play with friends or family. Also, you will get an opportunity to construct your own base and defend it against other dinos with different kinds of weapons available in the game. The main objective of the game is to survive as much as possible by collecting resources from the environment and building fortifications against attacks from other dinos or potential predators in the outside world; such as killer whales, raptors, or other dinos that might steal resources from you if they discover your base. 

Tyranny of the Meek is a documentary about the so-called Me-movement and how it’s a symptom of our current culture. It features not one, but two full-length films about the rise of this ideology. Although there are many different forms that this movement can take, there are always some common themes among them. The main idea behind all of these movements is the same—demeaning those who are seen as inferior or less worthy in order to elevate those who are considered more valuable. In his book, The Rise of the Conservative Movement in American Politics, Jonathan Haidt identifies eight moral foundations that conservatives tend to value most: purity, loyalty, authority, sanctity, fairness, respect for authority, and respect for property. He also notes that most right-wing extremists place great emphasis on two of these values: loyalty and purity. These two factors are often used as an excuse to exclude anyone who does not meet strict standards of behavior or appearance.

The dinosaur islands are home to thousands of ferocious dinosaurs that roam the land. Small groups of humans have been making their homes on these islands for generations, and slowly encroaching upon the territory of the dinosaurs. Unfortunately for them, most dinosaurs are not very friendly and have no qualms about killing humans if they come across them. The herd-locating Saurornitholestes is one such dinosaur that roams these islands, preying on humans and other herbivores with extreme ferocity. To stay safe from this carnivorous creature, all human settlements have an electrified perimeter fence, which is monitored by automated sentry guns. The only problem is that these sentry guns can only be operated manually by the guards stationed at each entry point into the fence. 

There are millions of dinosaurs scattered across the world, and they’re hungry. You’ve only got one chance to survive. Use your wits, and whatever you need to stay alive. Tyranio is a multiplayer battle game where players must team up with other players to try to defeat an opponent and be the last one standing. The player who last gets points based on how well they did in killing their opponent, the last Dinosaur standing. It's inspired by Battle Royale Games and In this game, you will fight other dinos on different maps, weapons and different can play it alone or with your friends and clan members. 

Each player tries to build the ultimate Tyrannosaurus rex by fighting other players in epic PVP battles. Build a tribe and lead your people to victory by harvesting meat and crafting a variety of weapons. The last one standing wins! - Battle against other players in PvP dinosaur battles on an ever-expanding map - Become the Ultimate with unique abilities, attack combos & hunt down your opponents to become the ultimate leader - Craft weapons from materials you find while exploring strange islands and fight.

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Controls WASD to move E to interact R to reload Esc to open the Options menu Left mouse button attack Right mouse button to drop items

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