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Straw Hat Samurai is a very gory action samurai game that you can play online and for free. It is a time of war, the lands are torn between conquering warlords. The Aka-Ryu army from the north is attempting to expand southwards and you have to defend your forts that have come under siege!

If you love playing samurai games, you will enjoy Straw Hat Samurai. It is an online action game with a unique twist that I guarantee you will not find anywhere else. The game is the story of how two samurai warriors were cursed by a woman who used black magic to put them in a zombie-like state and turn them into ghouls. You must help these two warriors fight their way through hordes of zombies and other monsters as they try to find their way back to normal. We have tons of fun playing Straw Hat Samurai, so check it out!

Straw Hat Samurai is a new and free game that can be played for hours on end. Some people might want to play it for the gore factor, but others will want to play because of the suspenseful gameplay. The game has players playing as a protagonist named Kurosawa who is taking revenge on the scum of society. At Kurosawa, you can choose from different weapons and upgrade them as you see fit. You also have access to different stealth and combat abilities like being able to sneak up behind someone or deal out some serious damage in close quarters combat. The game is available on PC and Mac, so if you’re ready for some action then check it out!

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