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About Stabfish 2

After a successful beta test, Stabfish 2 is now available! You can now battle 100 players at once in this shark arena io game!

Gamers can now battle 100 players at once! It’s time to battle other sharks in an online arena and impale as many as you can!

In Stabfish 2, players will be battling other sharks in an online arena and impaling as many as they can.

The game is filled with blood, guts, and killing. Play as the stingray, grab your sword, and go to the surface to impale your enemies.

Players will now have to battle other sharks in this online arena game.

Stabfish 2 is a new and improved version of the original game.

Shark attacks can happen anywhere, at any time. Have you ever heard of a shark attack in an underwater city? How about in an underwater research lab? Well, this is what you get. Usually, shark attacks happen in shallow water where they can easily get to their target. But, you never know when a shark might try to attack you. To protect yourself from such an attack, you can always try to fight back.

That’s how Stabfish 2 came to be. You must be wondering how this game is related to shark attacks. The answer is that, in the game, sharks have become the vicious predators that you always fear from the deep ocean. Once you enter the arena, you will see sharks swimming around. They are made of swimming dots that can be poked and stabbed with your spear to kill them.

How to play Stabfish 2

Mouse = direct your weapon

Left-click and right-click = use skills

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