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It’s not easy being a squid. It’s an alien race that is constantly hunted by other species. It’s an open ocean that is filled with predators. It’s an alien race that has to adapt to its surrounding. And the list goes on. But now, it’s time to rise up. It’s time for you to become a squid. You see, being a squid isn’t all bad. All you have to do is to find other squids and form an alliance. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? If you thought so, then read on to know how to become a squid! Escape from your cell and join the galactic rebellion!

In Squidgame.io, you play as a captive alien squid who is planning an escape. Join forces with other prisoners and work together to find ways to escape. Solve puzzles, crack codes, and use your logic to the hilt in this action puzzle game.

In the year 2044, the world is going to end. A virus called Yvetot has wiped out almost all of the humans on earth. You were one of the few who successfully made it past the quarantine. And now, you must battle other survivors in a post-pandemic world to ensure the survival of your own loved ones. The world is your battleground as you scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, grow crops, and build fortifications. Make allies with other survivors and coordinate attacks to outsmart, outlast, and exterminate your opponents. It’s you versus them in this apocalyptic battle royale.

SquidGame.io is a multiplayer io game, in which players create factions to battle against other players. Or, you can just play the single-player campaign. Either way, SquidGame.io offers a unique gameplay experience you won’t soon forget. So, let’s dive right into why you should join the SquidGame.io

Among the various factions that have settled in space, you play as a squid and control an autonomous ship. Your main task in Squidgame.io is to fight other ships, colonize planets, and mine resources to survive. You also have to upgrade your ship so you can take on more difficult challenges. You can play this game on mobile devices such as Android or iOS as well as on your desktop.

You’ve been trapped in an isolated room and all you have to do to escape is reach the other side by solving puzzles and defeating enemies. But that’s not all. There are also other players who will attempt to block your way and prevent you from reaching the exit. Your goal is to work together with your friends to solve the puzzles and reach the other side as fast as possible. Make sure everyone is on the same page because teamwork is essential in the game.

How to play SquidGame.io

Mouse to move Click to boost

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