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Soccer Pingio is a simple, yet fun and challenging sports game. You will be tasked to pass the ball to your teammates or the goalkeeper to score points.

In the fast-paced, high-octane game of soccer, players must think and act quickly. In This amazing game, you’re a player on a team that shares the same field with your rivals. You must pass the ball to your teammate to score goals, but there are other players between you and them. In order to reach them, you must also pass the ball to another player on your team to get it in their hands. That’s where this game comes in. This one is an HTML5 sports game with simple graphics and gameplay mechanics. The objective is quite straightforward: Pass the ball from one teammate to another, trying not to let your opponents get it. Each time you successfully pass it from one teammate to another, you score a point! 

This amazing game is a new HTML5 game with a mix of pong and soccer. You need to control the ball with your mouse or finger and shoot it into the opposing player’s goal. If you score, your opponent needs to rebound the ball back to you within a few seconds. If you miss, your opponent will take the opportunity to score a goal on you. To get started, click on “New game” and select either “Player 1 VS Computer” or “ Player 1 VS Human”. 

Soccer Pingio is a Sports IO game that features the sport of soccer. You control a ping-ball and your objective is to hit the other players with it. Similar to the game of “Hot Potato”, you can pass it to another player or hit them if they come too close. Hit their ball 3 times and they will be eliminated. The last player standing wins! 

This game is a fast-paced io game with a unique twist on the classic game of ping pong. The Soccer version sees you collecting balls and shooting them into the goalposts, rather than hitting them back and forth. You must avoid the other players while you work to get into a position to score. 

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Using Mouse

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