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is a browser-based multiplayer snake game in which players try to grow the longest serpent possible. The game was developed by Viacom and released on their VOSS digital platform in November 2016. Armed with a green worm avatar, you need to wriggle your way around a grassy arena and eat as much as you can before time runs out or another player’s snake comes along and gobbles you up! Certainly there are more ways to win this game than that, but it’s not how most people measure their If you like arcade games, action games, worms or snake games, maybe this is your perfect game right now.

You just got a new pet, a snake. It’s so tiny and cute that you want to feed it as much as possible. So you take out the mice and start feeding them one after another. But your new pet is not going to be happy about this for long. As soon as it sees the mouse, it starts to chase it. You don’t know if this is because snakes will eat almost anything or because your snake is jealous of the mouse; probably both of those things at once! Now you have to help your little friend escape from that hungry snake, or else there won’t be anyone left in this house who can is a multiplayer browser game that has gained popularity among teenagers and adults alike in recent months. The game, referred to as the “online snake” or “snake with worms”, pits you against other players as a hungry worm in a digital hunting ground filled with snacks. Your objective is to grow longer than all the other worms by eating the apples scattered throughout the arena without getting caught by any of your opponents. 

Enjoy the Super Addictive and Fun Game of Have you always dreamed of playing as a giant, venomous snake? Well now you can with This exciting online browser game places you in a world where you must hunt and eat other snakes to grow bigger. The catch is that every other snake is also trying to do the same thing! If you’ve ever played games like or Wartime Allies, then this game should be easy for you to is a great and addictive online game where you control a snake-like creature and try to grow it as big as possible by eating little pellets and avoiding bigger opponents. 

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Using Mouse

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