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Dragons are feared and respected by most, but not by Slither. They are fast and smart and can be the nemesis of any player. With only one objective in mind – surviving – Slither is a game where players will have to keep spinning, keep dodging and keep rolling to stay ahead of the pack and stay alive. But beware! The longer you last, the stronger the other players become! The only way to win is to keep going until the end.

Slither is an io game where two teams of players face off against each other in a battle to the death. The opposing team needs Slither Dragons to make their own dragons, and the team that doesn’t let that happen is the team that’ll be the last one left standing. The game is centered around a small Slither-like creature called a Slither Dragon. The other team has to make its own Slither Dragons and attack the opposing team’s base to capture that team’s dragon. You need to stay alive for as long as possible, which is no mean feat as the other team’s Dragons are majestic and loyal creatures, which is why they are the most popular fantasy creatures. However, not all dragons are friendly, and not all fantasy worlds are safe.

Slither is a fast-paced game of strategy and cunning, in which you must outsmart your opponents, while you battle to the death in order to become the last dragon standing.

The game features 3 AI levels (Easy, Normal, Hard) and 5 different game modes (Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag). There are also 40 different unique dragons to choose from.

After each match, you will be rewarded with Experience Points (XP) that will allow you to unlock new dragons, skins, and other in-game bonuses. Use your wits and strategic skills to become the last Slither standing! are constantly nipping at your heels!

How to play Slither

Tap and hold your dragon and eat other dragons to become bigger

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