About is an online multiplayer game where you have to eliminate other players and become the ultimate survivor. This is a top-down shooter game with great graphics, multiple weapons for upgrading, and a variety of characters to choose from. Build your own unique character and develop your skills until you are ready to join the battle. Once you enter the arena you need to shoot or be shot. There are plenty of hiding spots along with natural barricades to keep you safe until you’re ready to strike. The game has 3 different game modes:ENDEREND: You need to locate and destroy the Ender Cube in order to win this HUNTER: Be the last one standing by locating their hidden ENDERENDs Stay out of sight while destroying their hidden ENDERENDs first – or else become their prey! ENDEREND> The objective is simple — get rid of your opponents before they get rid of you! If no one remains, You win! Try not to get killed so often this is a top-down multiplayer shooter with cool guns, upgrades, and customizations. Start as a weak newbie sniper and hunt down your enemies to become the ultimate sniper. There are 6 types of weapons in this game and each one has 3 upgrade levels. The shooting has an old-school feel to it but it’s fast-paced and fun! Let’s shoot some is an awesome top-down multiplayer shooter game set in a retro world, where you need to destroy your enemies and upgrade your weapons as much as possible. You can also team up with friends to fight against them or other players. Are you ready to enter this challenging battle? Good luck and let the fun is a top-down multiplayer shooter game with retro graphics and an upgrade system. You control a ship that has different weapons, shields, and other useful perks that you can level up to deal more damage and become stronger. 


How to play

Using Mouse and Keyboard

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