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PillowBattle.io is the game to save your idle. A bunch of madmen is locked in a room and try to annihilate each other with a white pillow. PillowBattle.io will make you laugh at the fools chasing in the room. Players will be immersed in both roles as fugitives and pursuers. This multiplayer game will make you impressed by the new way of playing.

  Your mission is to become the only person in the room by eliminating all other players. You can only attack once you have collected the white pillow. Observe the room quickly to find the position of the white pillow surrounded by a ring of light, come pick it up, and hit the opponent to throw. Just like that, you will knock away all other players. Conversely, when you let the pillow get into someone else's hand, you must quickly run away and dodge the pillow throw. Try to move quickly to get the pillow, and have the chance to defeat other players. Accurately aim at opponents to throw pillows so as not to waste effort scrambling. 

How to play PillowBattle.io

Use Mouse 


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