Welcome to the Game on IO Games! Are you ready for a real FIGHT? The bow and arrow is an ancient weapon, which has been used to hunt animals and enemies since time immemorial. It doesn’t matter if it is a soldier or a civilian, everyone loves the thrill of being hunted. But why do we love being hunted so much? Well, that is because there is no greater feeling than having your back against the wall, knowing that there’s no way out and that your only chance of survival is to fight like hell until the last second ticks by. These are the scenarios where BATTLE ROYALE comes into play. And this game will be your new home when you are looking for some REAL action!

In this epic game, you will fight as 12 different legendary warriors from India with our BRAWL OF AGES-inspired art style and immersive gameplay. You will have to use your strategy, cunning, and wit in order to survive until all other players are eliminated from the map. Sounds too easy? Then take a look at what awaits you in this thrilling game. has you fighting in a number of small skirmishes, known as battles. Each battle is set up with several objectives that must be completed by the player’s team. The first objective is always to secure the center of the map from the enemy team. The second objective is usually to take control of one of three beacon towers on the map that spawn Supply Drops, which provide players with useful items such as health kits and ammunition. The battlefields are broken up into different lanes that can either have one entrance or multiple entrances for intruders. You will be able to spot different landmarks on the maps by locating visible lamp posts and other objects and using them to your advantage when attacking or defending an objective. As you move forward in a battle, new objectives will become available and some battles will even end sooner than expected. New characters will occasionally spawn as well who can assist your team in completing these secondary.

How to play

WASD - moves your character

Left mouse button - shoots current weapon or places building

Right mouse button - interacts with buildings

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - equips weapon

Q - equips event item

Category and Tags

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