The world is a dangerous place. You have to be on your toes at all times and watch what you do. That’s why you shouldn’t trust people easily. That’s why you should try to keep yourself isolated from others. However, every now and then it may be necessary to interact with others as well. In such situations, it would be good for you to know a few tricks up your sleeve in order to secure your future and that of the people around you as well. That’s where Nendroid comes in handy! The Nendroid is basically a consciousness that resides inside a machine known as a Nendoroid figure (which looks very similar to the doll known as the Chibi). These figures are very popular in Japan due to their wide array of cute anime character designs which are also very affordable for anyone who wants one (hence, they’re perfect gifts for children). 

The Nendroid is a game that you can play with your friends. In this game, you will be playing as a Nendroid. There are many types of Nendroids in the world, and they all have different missions to fulfill. Some of them are assigned specific jobs while others do whatever they want and think of ways to get those jobs done easily. This is where the players come in - if you’re clever enough you can join this group, find ways to get the jobs done, and help out the rest of the players. The rules are simple: Join or Create a room and start recruiting Nendroids that fit your role and abilities best. Recruit any number of them every week to keep increasing your job points or challenging tasks for your team! 

Nendroid is a free, classic multiplayer online game. Build a town and gather resources to support your citizens. Build defensive structures like trapdoors and walls to keep outsiders out. Recruit new citizens with different skills such as blacksmiths that can craft weapons, archers that can attack from afar, carpenters that build homes, Expand your town to support more people! You must be the mayor of your town because only you know where everything is stored and how it works. - All players start with the same amount of resources - Resources are limited so don’t overstock on everything at once. Build up slowly if you choose or go big if you have time for it! 

If you’re like me, then you’ve spent a good amount of your life playing video games. Well, maybe not that much of your life, but it’s still enough to know what games are worth playing and which ones aren’t worth your time. One thing that has become apparent over the years is the fact that video game designers are getting better at writing characters that players actually care about. In particular, modern survival games allow developers to test different character archetypes in order to see how they affect gameplay. The result? We now have characters like the Last of Us’s Ellie or The Legend of Zelda’s Link who feel like individuals instead of mere plot devices. 

In the vast world of Nendroid, you are a nendoroid, an ordinary figure with no special qualities except for your ability to act like a nendoroid. To survive in this harsh environment you need to build and manage a town. Build houses and factories, grow crops, or hunt animals to be able to craft items and foods that will allow you to survive. With the right balance between different resources, your town can become self-sustainable and prosper. 

How to play

Using Mouse

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