When you first start out designing board games, you are likely drawn to creating games that can be played in one sitting. Narrowing your focus on single-player games is a great way to get your feet wet with game design and discover what type of designer you really are before branching out into the wider world of gaming. Single-player games require a lot less playing and replaying to discover the fun hidden within. They also require much simpler mechanics, so you don’t have to worry about overthinking each choice or getting bogged down by rules. This article consists of ten single-player board games that anybody should be able to play regardless of their experience level as a gamer. 

Risk is an essential part of any game. It adds a level of excitement that no one wants to miss out on. But, what if you are not sure which risk you should take? Or, what if you are not comfortable with the risks that your game entails? The answer is simple; it’s time for value-add risk management. What is risk management? Risk management enables you to understand, measure and manage the risks that your game entails so that they don’t hinder your business from growing. Having a risk management strategy in place will prepare you for any unforeseen circumstances so that they do not throw you off track. 

This game is about strategy and planning. Every move you make has a consequence, which you must think about before making it. You may be able to overpower other players in battle but to win the game you must outthink your opponents. The world of Eberron is a dangerous place. Not only are there monstrous creatures that roam the land, but also powerful magic that threatens every civilization. To protect themselves from these threats, people have created Clerics and Wizards. As a Cleric or Wizard, you use your special abilities to defeat your enemies in battle or by magic. 

Chess is a game that has been known to older generations as a pastime, something only the elite of society can enjoy. This changed with the invention of the computer and the internet. Now many people have access to this venerable game and are now able to compete against other players all over the world. Chess has become more accessible and less elitist compared to when it was first created 3 thousand years ago. 


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