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About Masha and the Bear: Meadows

Masha and her bear friend are back for another adventure! Help Masha build a home for herself and her bear friend by exploring the beautiful Meadow. Find blueprints, collect resources, and craft new items like a bed, trash can, and fireplace in this fresh new building experience! Along the way you’ll meet new animal friends who will help you build your new home. Will they all fit inside? And what’s that buzzing noise? Hyper-casual games have become incredibly popular over the past several years. In general, they are fast-paced games designed to be played casually. These types of games usually have simple graphics and an uncomplicated user interface to keep things moving quickly. 

In the large forest, many bears dwell and play together. From small cubs to great big grizzlies, they all live in the bear forest together. Masha is a curious little red bear who always wants to find out what’s inside things, or maybe she wants to discover new places. Masha loves exploring and she will go to any length to get what she is looking for! That’s why she’s happy living in the bear forest - there are so many interesting places here that there’s always something new for her. If you ever see Masha, chances are you will also be seeing your friend: the friendly brown bear known as Bear Meadows! He is definitely one of Masha’s best friends.

Masha is a curious little bear and she keeps on exploring different places in the forest. One day, when she was exploring her new surroundings, she came across an abandoned meadow. She quickly realized that this was the perfect place to play hide-and-seek with her friends. Masha immediately ran home to ask her parents if they would let her build a hideout in the woods. Her parents agreed on one condition: That Masha could invite other bears to join them in playing hide-and-seek in the woods. Unfortunately, Masha doesn’t have any other bears nearby so she will have to play with strangers. 

Playing Masha and the bear is an incredibly fun experience that involves you as well as your children. There are two games in this app which are named Masha And The Bear and Meadow Jumping Bear. Both of these games are extremely simple and can be played by any child of the age group of three to eight. The first game, Masha and the bear has a story line that pertains to a girl bear who wants to play with her friends. In order to get them all together, she sets out on a journey to the meadow where they live. 

Masha And The Bear is a simple arcade main idea of this game is to help Masha collect all the icons on the level by jumping and running on them. There are some obstacles that might make it harder for Masha, like holes or small pits. You’ll have to avoid them and figure out where they are in order to not get trapped. Be careful! If you fall into one of these things, your life will end and Masha will be sad. That’s why she needs your help to find all the hidden objects on each level as fast as possible so she can go back home safe and sound. 

How to play Masha and the Bear: Meadows

Using Mouse

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