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King vs. King is the ultimate battle of strategy, adaptability, and grit — a game of deception, cunning, and self-preservation. In this Tower defense meets real-time strategy game, you must protect your own castle while trying to destroy the opposing player’s stronghold. Each player commands a team of heroes to defend their castle from an onslaught of enemies. As the game progresses, players upgrade their towers and heroes with gold earned from defeating enemies. Destroying the other player’s Kingdom is not as simple as sending your units out at once; each unit must take into account their surroundings so they can best attack their target while protecting themselves from ambush or backstab. 

Ready your battle axes put on your Viking helmet and set sail with us on an epic journey to become the new King of the Vikings. In this strategy game, you will explore a mysterious island and fight fearsome beasts in order to secure your place at the end of times, as the new king of the Vikings. In King’s War: Viking Legends, you will take on the role of a group leader and build a base to train and strengthen your troops before heading out into dangerous lands filled with dangerous creatures. As you progress through different levels and conquer them, you will unlock new rewards that will help your team in future

King War is a free strategy and action game with building elements. You can play as one of the three available factions: the Valkyries, the Vikings, or the Berserkers. Every faction has its own unique style and gameplay. As you play, you’ll get resources and coins that you can use to upgrade your character or your village. You have to build up your village and train strong soldiers to protect it from enemies. The game will challenge you with different missions that require different strategies to complete them. 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live as a Norse warrior in the time before the first Viking settlers left their mark on Greenland and Iceland? Or perhaps you’ve dreamed of being one of those fearless warriors yourself, setting out on an epic journey to discover new territories, raid enemy settlements and secure your place in Valhalla at the end of your days.

Kings and castles, dragons and princesses – this game have everything! King’s Castle: War of the Beast is a strategy game with an old-school twist. Build your kingdom, defend your walls, feed trapped peasants to recover their Oh, and don’t forget to repel that nasty dragon by capturing his golden tokens.

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Using Mouse

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