About is one of the most popular indie games ever made. It has players from all over the world playing together to beat a series of increasingly challenging levels and rescue as many people as possible before they meet their gruesome death at the hands of the wicked.

The game features various themes like Horror, Sci-Fi, Adventure, etc., which add to its replay value even after multiple playthroughs. Play with up to 4 friends or choose AI for an online match against other players from around the world! You can play cooperatively or competitively against friends and see who can rescue more people or collect more candy before time runs out. Replace yourself with another character via a code swap mechanic so that you two can take turns rescuing people at any given moment without anyone ever seeing who’s really behind rescuing other characters or when you do it.

This amazing game is a fun new online escape game from A-games. It's a puzzle game that will test your logic and observation skills. The objective of the game is to find clues, solve riddles, and deduce the solution to escape the Killer's lair. Good luck! is a point-and-click escape game developed by ERS Game Studios. The game takes you to this amazing game, a remote island known for its scary stories and unsolved mysteries. You have been asked to search for clues about the island’s unexplained murders by an investigative team. As an investigator, you will need to explore every corner of the island to find all the clues that could lead you to solve the mystery behind this place. Will you be able to uncover the truth and save your friend from becoming another victim? Good luck! is a game of mystery and suspense. In this game, you’ll be an investigator who has been employed to investigate a series of suspicious accidents which have been occurring in the town of This one. As the investigator, your main objective is to uncover the reason for these incidents so that they can be stopped. But first, you have to look around and gather information about everything there is in this small town.

This amazing game is a Hidden Object game where you play as an artistic teenager who is about to take a secret trip for the first time. You are excited and prepared, but don’t know anything about this place you’re going to? The town that you’re visiting is called This game, a small holiday center in the woods. You've heard great things about it from your friends, but you haven't been there before. Unfortunately… Something strange is happening in this town; monsters have begun to appear. It would be best if you left right away before they discover you, but where could you go instead? Are there other people who know about this place? Could they help protect you while you’re in danger? Let's join and play now!

How to play

Arrow keys or Tap controls to move

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