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In the distant future, a mysterious virus has wiped out most of the human race. As survivors, you must band together to create a new society in a post-apocalyptic world. Choose from one of four survivors and build a safe haven for humanity in the rural village of Junon.io. Together, you will fight against dangerous predators, build settlements and explore this hostile environment. Battle against other survivors and raid their settlements to gain resources and build defenses. Create alliances with other players to help you survive and build a thriving community. Build multiple structures and make your village as self-sufficient as possible. Build a farm to grow to produce, a warehouse to stockpile supplies, and a clinic to heal wounded survivors. Construct traps, walls, and other defensive structures to help defend your settlement and provide safe passage.

In the far reaches of space, the reclusive race of Arita has been traveling to unknown planets and star systems for centuries. When they finally encountered human life, they had no idea of what to do. As they observed our races, they became fascinated with the idea of inter-species relationships. They started cultivating and breeding humans, hoping one of them would prove to be a worthy partner in their travels. It is said that their creations are able to adapt to any situation. Breaking free from their restraints and experimenting, they have been trying to perfect the Arita race ever since. Their experiments have left the Arita race with a number of inborn defects. As a result, their appearances vary greatly, each with its own pros and cons. The majority are available as playable characters in this game.

You’re trapped on an arid planetoid with your fellow stranded colonists. You’ll need to build a base, gather resources, and fight off the attackers to survive. And the only way to do that is to play “Junon.io”, a game of surviving endless assaults, building fortifications, and teaming up with your fellow.

How to play Junon.io

WASD - to move

Number keys - change equip

Space bar/mouse click - use current equip

C - craft

I - inventory

R - rotate

E - interact

M - map

P - colony

Category and Tags

IO Gamesiotop-downmultiplayerhtml5survivalbuildingsimulationsandboxspaceco-op

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