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Do you think it would be interesting to create a shooter game that doesn't require you to do anything? That's exactly what Idle Shooter is! You can play this game while doing other things on your computer or while getting a snack. As long as you're logged in, your character will automatically move around, collect coins, and shoot at enemies. You can also buy upgrades that will further improve your gameplay.

Idle Shooter is a game that has you tap for a couple of seconds to shoot and then wait for your next turn. It’s an idle clicker game where you can upgrade and customize your weapons. The goal of the game is to grow as large as possible by shooting and killing enemies. Although the gameplay may be easy, there are many different upgrades that will make it much harder. Idle Shooter also has an RPG element to it where you level up, learn new skills, and unlock new enemies. This is one of the most popular games in 2019 because it blends two types of gaming into one. You get the best of both worlds so you always have something to do. Idle Shooter is free to play on both iOS and Android devices!


Idle shooting games have been around for a while, but recently they’ve been on the rise. In idle shooting games, you don't play as an elite soldier. You're just a regular guy who sits in his chair all day and shoots things that come to him. The twist is that it's not just the bullets and guns you have at your disposal, but also the power of upgrades and modules. These upgrades allow you to upgrade your weapons to do different things, like coloring them or upgrading them to give them more power. One of the most popular upgrades is colorization which allows players to change the color of their guns or bullets after they fire them. There are tons of other upgrades too, from increasing your max ammo by 100% on a single shot, or even giving you extra lives after every level you complete! All these upgrades and much more can be found in this guide on how to upgrade your weapons in an idle shooter game with an upgrade.

How to play Idle Shooter

Use the left mouse button to damage the enemies and buy upgrades to your ships.

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