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About (Game Pop) is a multiplayer HTML5 game with simple graphics and catchy music. It's a fast-paced, rhythm-based competition game. Players compete to achieve the highest score in three rounds of challenging gameplay, and each round has its own unique rules.

The game was released in January 2020. is a multiplayer browser game inspired by the music, art, and culture of southeast Asia. Players can create their brand, promote their show, network with other bands and collaborate on new songs. Everything in G-Pop revolves around the indie music scene. Players can create their levels with YouTube videos! When the notes reach the middle of the screen, hit the beats by using the ASDF keys on a keyboard. Players can create their levels by finding a YouTube video they like, and by composing the notes for the level. In Gpopio players create their unique pop idols.

The rules are simple: stay in rhythm and don’t get left behind! Let’s groove to some tropical beats, break away from the monotonous beat, and make it pop! Come join our exciting new game.

How to play (Game Pop)

Press ASDF to hit the notes.

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