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Goalio is a fast-paced football (soccer) game where you are the goalkeeper. Your objective is simple: prevent the ball from passing you and hit the goals! 

This one is a 3D football game where you become a goalkeeper and help your team to victory by stopping the ball.

This one is a fast-paced 3D game where you are the goalkeeper of one team and have to defend the goal from other players. You can choose from several different characters, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The game is a virtual reality where you can chat with other players in real-time. The main objective is to score as many goals as possible by kicking the ball into the opponent’s net. To do that, you need to keep an eye on the ball at all times and move accordingly to catch it or block an incoming shot. It’s important not only to keep an eye on your opponents but also on your teammates so that they don’t overlap or leave you exposed.

This amazing game is the leading online multiplayer game about football, soccer, or whatever you call that game with a ball and different goals. Goals are everything in football. Without them, there is no game after all. So as a goalkeeper it’s your job to keep those goals safe from the opposing team. This one is a 3D online multiplayer game where you play as a goalkeeper. Your goal is to defend your goal from opponents and score goals to win the match! Each player controls a small character (a goalkeeper) with their mouse or keyboard. 

How to play Goal.io

Using Mouse

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