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The Ghost Fight is a new mode coming to Fortnite Battle Royale in patch It’s not clear exactly what the new mode entails, but we do know that it will be available for testing starting April 4th at 6 PM EST (3 PM PST). Build huge forts and outposts with your squad to protect your territory from enemy players! Ghost Fight is a new Limited Time Mode coming soon to Fortnite Battle Royale on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Up until now, we had heard little information about the mode aside from that it will be available between patch cycles (smaller updates). That being said, this is still exciting news for fans of the game and those hoping that Epic Games finds another way to keep players coming back after each update. 

Ghost Fight is a multiplayer action game where you must race against the clock to defeat ghosts that are attacking your home. Ghosts appear in your house at random intervals and they will proceed to wreak havoc until you can figure out how to get rid of them. There are four different scenarios included with Ghost Fight: The Main Hall, The Living Room, The Dining Room, and The Bedroom. In each scenario, there will be different types of ghosts that attack in different ways. You must find a way to beat the ghost by finding clues around the house and solving puzzles before they reach the end of the level. There are three ways to play Ghost Fight: In Single Player mode, against AI bots; or with human players via LAN or online multiplayer. It’s pretty simple, but very fun when playing with friends or family. 

The world is full of darkness and but fight against them together with your friends in this simple but scary io game. The objective is simple, you must hide from the ghosts who are hunting you. You can hide everywhere in this field, from bushes to the lake or even inside a cabin. But be careful, they might find you anywhere! Just make sure that everyone else is hiding as well when it’s your turn to face the ghost. Fight all kinds of level-based game modes: from Scared Mode to Chill Mode, from Terror mode to Hell Houdini mode, and even more challenging Nightmare Mode. Collect stars for more points and unlock more characters as you move through the levels. 

Ghost Fight is a free online io game. It has simple controls, it's easy to learn, and challenging to master. You'll need quick reflexes, tactical thinking, and fast fingers to play this game. Ghosts are invading Earth! Use your trusty teleporting power-up ability to buy new outfits and trap the baddies before they get you. Keep an eye out for power-ups whenever you play and use the environment in strategic ways! With 3 locations to explore, 12 missions each with a unique theme, and 4 different ghosts each with their own abilities; there are over 200 levels of Ghost Fight fun for you to unlock as well as earn achievements as you progress. 

Ghost Fight is a multiplayer action game set in vast Space where humans and their ghost allies fight to protect their home from hostile aliens. The game features 4 Player simultaneous gameplay, 3D visuals, and a simple one-touch control system. Play solo or team up with your friends to take down as many alien invaders as possible. In Ghost Fight, you play as a Ghost who must use his abilities wisely to fight back against the Alien Invaders! Your team of Ghosts must work together to protect your home from the Alien threat but do not let them get any ideas! 

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