In the gaming industry, there's a constant struggle to keep up with the big companies. This is why indie games are becoming more and more popular. It's hard to tell if it's worth it, though, because not many people are playing these indie games. This is where comes in. This one is a multiplayer platformer game where players can build their own maps and play on them with friends or strangers. The goal of the game is simple: stay alive for as long as possible, by either killing or being killed by other players. You'll have to use your wits and skills to win! With its unique gameplay, interesting graphics, and vibrant color palette, This amazing game will be a hit among gamers. blast. It's a platform-shooter game set on an island, where the player gets to fight against other players online. The game has good graphics, a nice soundtrack, and challenging combat. But what makes it interesting is that there are no weapons or health packs. Instead, each player must use their creativity to find ways to survive and defeat their opponents. The game was created by Josh DeBonis, who wanted to make something unique for his friends and family. The idea for the game came from a conversation about how cool it would be if there were games with no weapons or health packs, allowing players to have fun without playing against one another. This one blast was originally created in 2012 as a joke between friends, but they decided to make it into a real game after realizing that they loved it.

How to play

A / left arrow key = move left

D / right arrow key = move right

W / up arrow key / space = jump

1-9 = switch weapons

Mouse movement = aim

Left-click = shoot

Right-click = zoom out

Category and Tags

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