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About Fire Brigade - Super Firefighter

If you like playing with fire and saving people in distress, this game will be your new addiction. Firefighters can be a dangerous job, but not as dangerous as being a superhero firefighter. You are the super firefighter of the city and you have the responsibility to save lives wherever danger lurks. That’s why you need to suit up and get ready for action! In this HTML5 game, your mission is to save people from burning buildings before they perish in the fire by shooting water from your hose and extinguishing fires with your trusty bucket. 

Super Firefighter: The game is all about the boy who is a superhero. You can easily understand by seeing the picture, with his face and dressing up. He has a superpower and that’s why he’s a superhero. So as a superhero, it’s your duty to save people from fire. Use your skills to save these innocent people, who got trapped in this fire accident. Saving them from this fire is not an easy task. From time to time the fire will become more intense making it difficult for you to pass through that space and save everyone trapped in there.

Firefighters are among the bravest and most selfless people you’ll ever meet. They risk their lives on a daily basis to save strangers from burning buildings and other dangerous situations. So if you have a kid that feels like being a superhero is his calling, why not help them become one? This awesome new Super Firefighter game lets your child be the hero he always wanted to be.

Are you ready to save the world from the fire? Firefighter Super Firefighter is an exciting and challenging game where you will have to put your strategic and puzzle-solving skills to the test. As a new recruit in the local fire department, it’s up to you to put an end to this devastating epidemic. This won’t be easy; as you progress through the game, the challenges become even more difficult. 

Do you like firefighting? if yes, Super Firefighter – Boys game will impress you. This is a third-person perspective game where you take the role of a superhero and your objective is to put out fires on various buildings, as well as prevent new ones from starting. 

How to play Fire Brigade - Super Firefighter

Using Mouse

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