Do you have what it takes to be a farmer? If yes, then we have something for you. Farming games are one of the most exciting and challenging games. They require skill, patience, and strategy to win. Being a farmer is not always easy; there will be days when everything seems to be against you. However, that’s when your skills as a farmer will be tested the most and whether you succeed or fail, it’s something that you learn from in the end. However, being a farmer is not all fun and giggles. There are times when being a farmer can feel like an actual test of your farming abilities. Real-life farmers face similar challenges on a daily basis, so it’s no surprise that they would come up with some interesting solutions for them too! The best part about these solutions is that they are not only helpful but also very enjoyable to play as well! 

Crops are a common thing in many countries. Farmers need to plant, tend and harvest their crops so they can sell them or use them for food. However, this isn’t easy on the farm because most of the time there are external factors that make things harder. This is why you have to be smart to get your crop harvested and out of the field. Crops can be planted anywhere with decent soil, but they will grow better if you give them a little bit of care. You need to watch over them and tend to them regularly to keep them growing strong and healthy. Crops also need protection from pests and other dangers when grown outside, so you also need to provide them with shelter from the rain, wind, and other elements. 

Farmersio is a new HTML5 game where you have to help the farmer. Help him to grow his crops, avoid falling objects, and time the right moment to plant them. At each level, the farmer has to grow some different crops like strawberries, carrots or potatoes. You will see that on some levels there are falling objects that can destroy your crops if they hit them. There are also some other obstacles as well like rocks or trees that can block your way and make planting more difficult. You have to be fast in order to avoid these things or just not slow down so much when going through them. 

If you are a farmer and you are always willing to learn new things, then this game is perfect for you! You will need to strategically manage your time and resources in order to successfully grow crops. Depending on the type of crops that you plant, they will produce different types of goods.

This is a simple, but challenging game for all the farmers out there. The main objective of this game is to drive your farmer's truck as far as you can. All you have to do is avoid hitting the crops on your way. Avoid playing games with no time limit, it will only frustrate you sooner or later. To pass this level, you’ll have to plan your routes and be fast on your feet. 

How to play

Using Mouse

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