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Evoworld is a simple game where you have to guide your little mouse through the world with his wits, making him grow strong and smart at the same time. You have to help him not only to survive but also to thrive in this dangerous world. The main objective of this game is that you have to help the little mouse grow up and become a real hunter by teaching it different skills. Teach it how to catch small animals or let it know how to dig for roots so it can stay alive longer. Every level of this game has its own set of challenges for you and your mouse so be ready for them because they will come from all directions! 

An epic adventure game where your goal is to grow, train and explore with the help of Evoworldio. You will have to fight against hostile mobs, and find food, water, and shelter along with other challenges that await as you continue your journey through the world of Evoworldio. Grow, Train and Explore with the help of Evoworld; you will have to face a variety of challenges along the way. - The goal is simple: grow bigger than any other creature on this planet by exploring every nook and cranny of it! 

Evoworldio Flyordieio is an HTML5-based side-scrolling survival platform game with 2D graphics. You have to survive on this hostile planet and defend your base against aliens, towers, rocks, plants, and more. They will come at you from every direction so prepare for them wisely! Explore different terrains and collect resources such as wood to make a shelter, stone to build a defensive castle, gold to create weapons, and diamonds for upgrades. Make sure you always look out for predators that may attack you at any time. Don’t let them catch you unaware or you will be lost forever! 

Evoworld is a 3D, Side-Scrolling, HTML5 Game. It is a Platform game where you will play as an Animal. The Games Progressively Levels up the difficulty As you progress In it, so do your reflexes and Sight. How long can you survive Evoworld? This is the first of its kind Evoworldio game series, it will have different types of games in it in future updates after releasing this one. 

I have created a new game which is named as Evoworldio Flyordieio. It is an io game in which you have to survive for as long as possible by growing and breeding animals and plants. By collecting coins, you will be able to buy new kinds of items like foods and other things that can help you survive longer such as seeds, medicine, and many more to come. 

How to play EvoWorld.io (FlyOrDie.io)

Using Mouse

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