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Voblade is a strategy game with action-packed gameplay. It takes elements from RPGs, Roguelikes, and other video game genres to create a complete experience for players. Voblade features multiple weapon types, explosive traps, wall-climbing mechanics, and more. The world of Voblades is under attack by the evil Xalors Empire. Players must band together to stop them! Save the world from the invading Xalors Forces in this strategic action RPG game! Game Overview> - A strategic action RPG game where you must build your own fortress to protect your land from the invading Xalors forces. 

Voblade: An Action RPG for Mobile! Voblade is an action-packed 3D adventure game with thrilling combat and a deep, lore-filled storyline. You play the role of a young swordsman who sets off on a quest to save his homeland from the invading forces of the Orc tribe named ‘SteelLings’. The kingdom has fallen into despair and the princess missed her family so much that she volunteered to be sealed inside an artifact called ‘The Blade’. Now, it is up to you to venture out into the hostile lands of Orcish tribes and bring back peace by breaking through the seals one by one in order to free the trapped spirits who are locked away behind them. Voblade features an engaging battle system that combines card gaming mechanics with real-time action combat. During battles, you will have access to four different fighting styles namely "Strike", "Guard", "Slash" and "Throw". As you progress through battles, you will acquire new cards which can be used as support attacks or offensive strikes against enemies. By combining different cards together, you can come up with truly devastating combos for even more destructive attacks.  

In the kingdom of Voblade, humans invaded many years ago. They stayed and founded a colony. The humans created Fort Vospe and built walls around it to protect their unknown to everyone, there is a hidden passageway that connects Voblade with New York called the Snowy Forest. A portal has appeared in the forest, causing all sorts of creatures to come pouring through it! To ensure the safety of the human race, they have set up posts at strategic locations all over the kingdom. Now you must control a group of brave warriors known as Guards to protect those posts from an onslaught of enemies! Poblado is under attack! Humans have arrived and want to take control of this mysterious kingdom for themselves. Can you defend your people? In order to do so, you will need to enlist some special Guards who possess unique abilities and talents. Assemble teams from Soldiers, Archers, Snipers, and more! Explore a vast fantasy world in which humans are under siege by ancient dragons and hostile undead forces. 

A VR adventure game is written in the style of action RPGs. Enjoy battling opponents in real-time with your friends and family. Use your weapons and spells to eliminate your enemies! Battle enemies using various weapon attributes as well as magic, skills, attacks, and more. Unlock new characters, upgrade their abilities and increase their stats. 

This is an action game-like where the main character is a little bird and you need to complete many levels in order to unlock new worlds. The objective of this game is simple; just tap on your enemies and they will get destroyed. You can upgrade your character with coins that are available at the beginning of each level or purchase it with real money. With its levels coming faster than you can imagine you will soon run out of lives. However, if you manage to hold on until the end, the next level gets upgraded so stay tuned! If you like this game, do not forget to rate it and leave a comment. 

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