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In Aquapark you have to help the squirrels keep the pandas in the park by destroying every evil red ball you see. The game is played with your mouse and a left click will send the panda in that direction, while a right-click will send it back to the park. Each time a panda goes out of the park you need to destroy 3 red balls in order to get it back. Avoid the red balls as much as possible because if you get hit by one, you’ll lose one life. 

Drift your ship around the aquapark but avoid hitting other players. Your ship has a limited boost that you can use to go faster and avoid collisions, but try not to use it all up at once. Rank up by hitting other players and avoiding them yourself. If you hit someone, you lose points and decrease your rank. 

Drifting is a new multiplayer game from 3dio where you take the role of a cube, in an aquapark filled with puzzles and challenges. Your objective is to win races and get more points than other players. To do so, you must avoid obstacles, collect bonuses and keep drifting as long as possible. 

Drifting is a Multiplayer 3D game where you control a ball and try to avoid other players or the walls. You rank up and unlock skins by avoiding the others. You can also buy the skins if you want - with tokens.


How to play Drifting 3D.IO

Using Mouse

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