About is another addictive and fun Minecraft clone game from the creators of Doodley Doos. In this game, you will have to tap on the screen to rotate the cubes and make sure that they fit into their respective slots. Make sure that all colors are used to get a perfect score.

Doodlecubes is a very simple but also very addicting strategy game for free! You can play it directly in your browser, or download the Google Play Store to play: Just tap on the screen to rotate the cubes and match them into their respective slots before time runs out. The more you complete, the higher your score will be, so try to aim for a Perfect score as often as possible! There are 16 Levels in total with increasingly harder puzzles and limited moves available in each., or Dcio for short, is an addictive sandbox game, where you create and build different things. You can craft furniture, cooking utensils, weapons, mining tools, and even your own house to protect your creations from other players. There are several game modes and a whole lot of stuff to unlock. Building in Dcio is very intuitive. You just need to drag blocks of the same type to their corresponding spots on the grid. For example: place a water block at the top left corner of your grid and another one at the bottom right corner. The result will be a little pond with two water lakes connected by an island in between them - a simple but effective design! Dcio has many different things for players who like to explore every corner of the game. Secret rooms, hidden passages, traps, and puzzles are all over this.

Doodlecub is a puzzle game. You need to draw squares and rectangles on the grid in different colors and patterns to create various geometric shapes like triangles, pentagons, hexagons, etc. The game also has an element of luck as well as strategy involved. There are different variations of the same pattern such as a square plus another square or two smaller squares for example. This makes it very challenging but at the same time very interesting.

How to play

WASD - movement

Right click - Place block

Hold left click - Break block

Space - Jump

Shift - Run (alternately, double tap w)

Crouch - C (alternately, Z, | or CAPS LOCK)

Open Shop - B

Chat - T or ENTER

Mobile controls: Joystick

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