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Do not Fall is a simple game that requires you to jump over various obstacles. The harder the obstacles the higher your score. In the middle of each level, you will find a yellow star. Touching this star gives you 1 extra life on that level. If you can touch all 6 stars in each level, you unlock the next level and progress to the next difficulty setting (the higher the difficulty settings, the more challenging levels become).

Dont Fall Io is a super cute and addictive arcade game. The aim of the game is to help Dont Fall avoid falling from various heights. The cute cartoon character will fall from different heights and you have to tap the screen to make him jump and not fall down. You will face many levels where you will have to help Dont Fall overcome some difficult obstacles. From simple platforms and hills, Dont Fall has to pass through all kinds of terrains in order to complete each level. The graphics are so appealing that you just can't resist playing this game for hours on end.

This time, you will join an android named Dont Fall Io in a Minecraft adventure. He has been captured by the evil creature named Thelonious and locked up inside a huge castle with various traps and puzzles. You will have to play with him and solve various puzzles to escape from the castle.

◉ Game Play: Simply tap anywhere to make Dont fall and avoid obstacles while climbing walls or pipes. Complete the levels as fast as you can to earn more coins, explore different environments, unlock new characters and redo previous levels again.

The Dont Fall Io! game is here to help your kid stay active and keep fit. Try this simple and fun game of jumping on platforms that are animated in different ways. This can be played both indoors and outdoors with the right setup. In this, you have to help the character "Io" avoid all dangers that come his way. You can play this game with your friends or kids as it helps in maintaining a good fitness level and staying active for a long time. This can also be played as an arcade game by setting a timer when you play this game with kids. The object of the game is, obviously, not to fall while trying to reach the end line of platforms without getting hit by any danger coming your way from one side or another. The levels get more challenging as you progress through them so don’t give up after setting a level or two if you find yourself struggling at first. Endeavor to finish each level before time runs out so that you can unlock new levels after playing a certain number of levels.

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