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Dashcraft.io is a Multiplayer, game, drift, car that has been created by Gamevember and is to be played on webgl. It's a sandbox building game where the player crafts object and builds buildings with blocks. There are many different cars to choose from, which include the following: Honda Civic EG6 K-series, Nissan Silvia S15, Ford Mustang GT350R, Renault Megane RS265 Trophy V6 Exclusive. There are also many different driving options, including racing around the track or doing a drift in some tight turns. Players can explore a vast terrain map filled with mountains and valleys in search of loot. The map splits into two biomes - one desert and one forest - which brings something new to each race. There are also various missions that players can go on while they play the game. Players can go try this game out at https://iogamesio.onl/dashcraftio.

Dashcraft.io is a web-based game, where you can compete with others or battle the computer. It's a lot of fun, it's multiplayer and it has cool 3D graphics! It's free to play and has no restrictions on building your own map. It also has an advanced system of physics. The game is made in WebGL so it works on all devices, but it works best in Chrome. We hope you enjoy playing as much as we enjoyed creating this.

This amazing game is a game about racing and drifting. It features multiplayer gameplay, building, and sandboxes for exploration. The game is in webgl and io formats so that it can be played on any computer or phone using HTML5. There are many things to do in This one: you can race other players across the island; explore the vast landscapes of the game; create your own buildings with various materials; participate in battles with guns and swords; drive cars; or build an extravagant castle to name just a few of the possibilities! Features:

- Multiplayer gameplay
- Building
- Sandboxes for exploration
- Webgl and io formats
- Many things to do
- race other players on the island, explore the vast landscapes of the game, create your own buildings with various materials, participate in battles with guns and swords, drive cars, or build an extravagant.

How to play DashCraft.io

W / up arrow key = accelerate

A / left arrow key = move left

D / right arrow key - move right

S / down arrow keys = brake

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