About is a top-down shooter game that offers eight different monsters, which have different powers, characteristics, and attack patterns. Different weapons and traps will help you kill them. You have to collect HTML5 and grow your monster, as well as battle other players in arenas. The goal of the game is to collect HTML5 and grow your monster. You have to collect HTML5, as well as grow, feed and train your monster to become the best in the Arena. If you love top-down shooters, This amazing game is the game for you! This amazing game is free to play, but it offers in-app purchases for some extra bonuses.

This amazing game is a top-down io game in which you try to grow your This game and battle other This game s. Fight your way through different arenas and collect HTML5 coins. Collecting coins will grow your, which in turn will make it stronger and make it able to fight others This one. There are three stats in This amazing game: HP, STR, and DEX. HP stands for Health Points, STR for Strength, and DEX for Dexterity. If This amazing game’s HP reaches zero, it dies. STR represents how strong the game is, DEX represents how fast it is.

Stranded on a planet filled with strange alien creatures, players must work together to survive. are large, top-down, io games that have players working together to battle and grow strong. These games are usually very short, usually ranging from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Players must learn how to use their team and plan attacks effectively in order to grow strong and survive the alien This amazing game. These games are relatively easy to play and are one of the easiest ways to get your players to work together.

This game is a top-down arcade combat io game. Players control a monster, who must fight other monsters in order to grow. Players can collect HTML5 player data and grow their monster with it. Players can also battle other players for points and This amazing game coins.

How to play

Move your mouse to control the monster's movement

Press the left mouse button to attack

Hold the right mouse button to sprint

Category and Tags

IO GamesArcade GamesSnake Gamesiotop-downbattlearenahtml5collectgrowmonster


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