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Cubic Castles is an HTML5 Multiplayer Strategy game, with nice Pixel Art graphics, great gameplay, and lots of challenges. You must control your Cubis to capture all the enemies' castles while they do the same in order to conquer the map. Build new fortresses with your teammates to protect your resources! Find Gems and Gold to upgrade your castle so that it can withstand enemy attacks even better. Search for shortcuts to cut down on travel time from one corner of the map to another. Reap the benefits of various natural Wonders like Mines, Parks, or Lakes; buy them with Gold and create strategic platforms for you and your team-mates to attack from safely.

Cubic Castles is a sandbox game about creating your own castle. You can build it the way you want it and explore how others have built their castles. Explore over 100 different types of blocks to build your castle, from stone walls to towering towers. Unlock new rooms as you progress through the game, or purchase a McMansion from the in-game shop if you're more of a consumer than a producer! Build with friends, family, and followers on your estate, or send them on assignments away from your kingdom. The game offers many different customization options for players to create their own unique experience. From your character’s appearance to the style of architecture that makes up your realm. 

Are you ready to challenge yourself and your friends in the most popular multiplayer game on mobile? This is the perfect game for those who love to build, explore, and create. Challenge other players in a Minecraft-like world where you can build anything from tree houses to castles: just watch out for creepers! The more you play, the better you get. Cubic Castles is an easy-to-understand building block set that’s infinitely expandable by adding new sets of snap-together elements. 

Cubic Castles is a multiplayer sandbox game inspired by classic video games like Minecraft, Terraria, Ark, and others. Build constructions with cubes. Discover and explore new worlds. Join your friends to build the greatest city in our Cubic Universe. The game is still in beta version but will soon be released publicly. 


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Using Mouse

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