Collect coins, avoid bombs and enemies, and score points in this bomb-defusing multiplayer game. The bomber you choose doesn’t matter, just the level you’re playing. is a browser-based HTML5 game that can be played by anyone of any age. It is a multiplayer variant of the classic arcade game, Bomberman. The game is played with a team of characters and objects that the player has to collect, avoid and destroy the bombs and enemies to score points.

BOMBER GUY is a game of skill and reaction. Guide your little bomber safely back to base. Avoid enemies, collect power-ups and upgrade your craft. Can you complete a level before time runs out? Use your mouse and keyboard to play this HTML5-only.

Collect the valuables at each level while avoiding the enemies. Can you complete all the levels and find the hidden treasures? It is not as easy as it sounds! The enemies are trying to stop you. They will follow you and block your path. Can you avoid them? Collect valuables to unlock new levels and earn gold coins to unlock new levels and earn more valuables. Use the gold coins to unlock more levels and earn more valuables. Upgrade your character and avoid getting hit to get more points. Use your collected valuables to unlock more levels and earn more valuables.

Collect coins, avoid enemies and reach the endpoint to win! This is a Bomberman clone for your browser, but with your playing as a BOMBER, you have an advantage. You can stay airborne longer and move around the map accordingly and in sharp a COLLIDER, your job is to collect coins. Get them and return them to your base safely. As a SPIDER, you can attack your enemies from below. You can also shoot a huge net from above. Always keep in mind that BOMBERMAN can fly and COLLIDER can’t. Good luck!

How to play

Use your mouse to move

Left-click to drop a bomb

Right-click to boost speed

Category and Tags

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