About is a 3D Multiplayer HTML5 Game with the following features: Grow your aqua species and survive in a hostile and competitive world.

You have to eat other players or be eaten. And you have to do it fast! You can attack them directly or grow faster than they do. To win, you must be alert at all times and plan everyone is an online game where you grow a virtual aquarium filled with water creatures called Waterigos.

You can also call it Aquarius IO or simply Aquarius. It’s basically like the game Osmo aquarium but with a few new twists and turns to keep things interesting. To grow your aquarium, you will need to collect water drops from other players’ aqua tanks by shooting them using your harpoon gun.

You can also shoot the smaller fish for points, but beware of bigger fish… They’re waiting for.

Your objective is to become the biggest fish by eating smaller fish. You can also team up with other players to take down larger ones. See if you have what it takes to conquer this aquatic labyrinth and become the biggest fish.

Use your skills and cooperation with other players to grow your fish, or sabotage their efforts to grow faster. 

How to play

Left-click to attack Right-click to merge, hold to devour Mouse scroll to zoom.

Category and Tags

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