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Among is a 3D world of dinosaurs and fantasy. Keep your dinosaur safe in This one tropical forest and find food to keep your dinosaur happy. Along the way, you will meet new dinosaur friends and foes. Tame wild dinosaurs and breed them in your stable until they are strong enough to join you on your adventures. Feed your dinosaurs and build their trust to unlock their abilities in battle. Each dino has its own unique abilities to help you survive in This game. Each level is a map and you need to find your way out of the forest. To reach the exit you need to find items that open doorways. Collect gemstones to unlock doors. Build dino stables to breed them and you need to build trust to unlock their abilities. Keep an eye on the timer and explore every corner of Among as much as you can.

Among is an action-packed arcade game where you can build your own fleet of space ships, explore planets and engage in battle with other players. Equip your ships with various weapons and special abilities to defeat other players, capture their bases and conquer the galaxy. In the game, you are able to construct your own fleet of spaceships and explore the universe. You will then be able to engage in battle with other players, capture their bases and conquer the galaxy. Equip your ships with various weapons and special abilities to defeat others.

This amazing game is an io game. In io games, you and another person take control of two teams of aliens. Each team has its own objectives, and the players must work together to complete them. You can play io games online with your friends. Also, you can play io games on your phone. If you love io games, you’ll love io Among This amazing game is like io games, but better. You can play io games this is on your computer or mobile device. Therefore, Among is the perfect io game for you.

The players will collect resources and build a camp to protect themselves from other players. Players can also attack other players with their army. The players can also collect items and upgrade their army. Will you be the last player standing? Let’s get play Among now!

How to play Among

Click & Drag mouse

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